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(Updated 2017-12-07)

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2017 Homeowner's Association Board Members :
Joe Croft President 3620 Brackenridge Ln 919-943-8933
Mike Wegmann Vice President 4800 Durgancroft Pl 919-244-7077
Van Stewart Treasurer 3533 Brackenridge Ln 919-616-5604
Lynn Stephenson Secretary 4808 Abercroft Pl 919-753-8492
Jeff Adcock Grounds Committee Chair 5201 Highlandcroft Pl 919-270-6369
Brook Smith Architectural Committee Chair 3733 Brackenridge Ln 984-225-2057
Matt Taylor Architectural Committee 3608 Knightcroft Pl 919-260-7272
Jeff Newton Architectural Committee 3621 Brackenridge Ln 919-812-3977
Ed McGee Website & Cloud Storage 5200 Highlandcroft Pl 919-552-4854

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(Social Committee Chair - Open)

Updated: 2017-12-07